Parametric release of the chlorine dioxide decontamination cycles ensures process efficacy and high repeatability.

Chlorine dioxide gas can be utilized for a multitude of applications in a variety of industries. Chlorine dioxide gas is not affected by environmental factors such as temperature, and is not subject to dew-point or condensation issues making it a versatile decontamination agent and allowing it to stay effective in all types of environments, including both ambient and vacuum pressure applications.

To ensure robustness of the decontamination cycle, following qualifications are executed :

Qualification tools:

  • Installation qualification: to demonstrate that the sterilization equipment and the ancillary items have been supplied and installed in accordance with    their specification.
  • Operational qualification: carried out either with unloaded equipment or using appropriate test materials to demonstrate the capability of the equipment to deliver the sterilization process.
  • Performance qualification: to demonstrate that the technology consistently operates in accordance with the predetermined criteria and the process yields product that is sterile and meets the specified requirements.