Decontamination equipment

Automatic chlorine dioxide generator for mobile or integrated applications.
Decontamination equipment

Our decontamination equipment can be used as mobile unit to decontaminate several spaces over your facility or can be integrated in an complete biodecontamination system. Our passthroughs are designed for fast and effective decontamination cycles not effected by variations in load or temperature.

The minidox

The Minidox is a fully automated and chlorine dioxide gas generation system. The Minidox-M provides a rapid and highly effective method to sterilize volumes up to 2.000m³, including rooms, isolators (sterility test, filling line, containment, etc.), passthroughs, processing tanks and vessels, cleanrooms, lyophilizers, etc.

The Minidox-M utilizes a rugged industrial control system and is constructed of robust, corrosion resistant 316L stainless steel to provide an exceptionally long life.

The Minidox-M is portable in design and can be easily moved throughout your facility. The system features a sophisticated photometric sterilant concentration monitoring system allowing for a tightly controlled and consistent sterilization process. This repeatable, tight process control and accurate concentration monitoring system make chlorine dioxide gas sterilization cycles easy to validate.


Decontamination chambers or sasses serve to decontaminate devices, equipment, instruments materials, supplies, etc. Before entering a sterile or clean facility. They can be equipped with a single inflatable gasket door, or double door pass-through orientation. 

Differences in load, material, temperature can not influence the effectiveness of the decontamination cycle. Moreover, the decontamination cycle should be repeatable and as short as possible.

Run Data

When sterilization cycles are completed, a run record is produced that contains cycle data including the date, cycle time, cycle steps, as well as temperature, pressure, and chlorine dioxide concentration. Run Data can also be electronically logged to the included USB drive. The control system features a password protected, recipe management system with historical and real time trending of cycle data.